EdReNe: Educational Repository Network

EdReNe is a network of European repository nodes and stakeholders dedicated to the development of recommendations and exchange of expertise. The networks' activities are sponsored by a group of European Ministries of Education based in European Schoolnet's LRE Subcommittee. Together the two networks participate in face-to-face meetings and online seminars which provide opportunities for members to keep up-to-date on the latest developments in the field and learn about new and ongoing initiatives across Europe.

Latest News

[June 24, 2021] Please check our Webinar section for the recording of today's webinar on online teacher communities.

[July 27, 2020] EdreNe Webinar draws interest in Austria (see here).

[May 14, 2020] The recording of today's webinar is available here.

[May 11, 2020] Please join our next EdReNe webinar on "Sharing experience in a time of pandemic" this Thursday May 14 at 4pm CEST. This is an opportunity for members to share experiences supporting educators and learners during the pandemic. A series of speakers will describe the situation in their educational system and what their organization is doing to ensure continuity. These short informal talks (about 15 minutes each) will be followed by an open discussion. We can take as long as necessary but you can expect the meeting to last about 90 minutes and longer if there is interest and participation.

[February 13, 2020] The recording and slides of the February 11 EdReNe webinar with Dr Marina Connell and John Connell on "Critical Evaluation of Quality Criteria and Quality Instruments in OER Repositories for the Encouragement of Effective Teacher Engagement" are available below.

[January 29, 2020] Please join us for our next EdReNe webinar on 11 February at 16:30 CET.
Dr Marina Connell and John Connell will present their white paper: "Critical Evaluation of Quality Criteria and Quality Instruments in OER Repositories for the Encouragement of Effective Teacher Engagement".
The webinar can be access at https://call.lifesizecloud.com/458958!

[November 20, 2019] Details about the EdReNe meeting of December can be found here.


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Membership is open to all organizations interested in issues related to digital learning content and is free. Interested in joining? Please contact Elena Shulman (elena dot shulman at eun dot org).